Morsh Fairway 2 Wood 

Is it a Fairway Wood Or Driver?? Actually it's BOTH!

Choose Morsh 2 Wood for these 6 Benefits below to gain an advantage and better improve your overall game.


Clubhead Design

The larger club head of these fairway woods, combined with a shallow face design, offers a distinct advantage for all golfers.


Optimal Control

Have better control with a smaller 183cc club head. A smaller club head with better swing impact at the right position.


Distance off the Fairway & Tee

Make the most of your distance with just a 10.5-degree lofted 2 wood. The swing is exactly the same as when using your 3 wood.



Many golfers choose to utilize a 3w instead of their driver because they lack confidence in it. You can increase distance with a 2-wood with accuracy.


Shot Shaping and Versatility

Adjustable lower loft swing and clubhead design for long, and straight shots.



Forgiveness on off-center hits is a crucial feature that golfers can rely on to preserve their distance and accuracy.

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Don't Rely on a Driver for Long Shots!

Are you struggling with driver accuracy or finding enough distance on the fairway?

Unmatched Accuracy

Achieve unmatched accuracy off the tee with the Morsh 2 wood, surpassing your driver's performance for good.

Master Control

Experience superior control with the compact 183cc clubhead, giving you the edge you need on every swing

Adjustable Wood

Tailor your 2 wood to suit your preferences and trajectory. This allows for a personalized feel, ranging from 10.5 degrees.

Effortless Swing

Swing it with ease, just like a 3 wood, but prepare for a massive increase in distance that will leave you astonished.

Effortless Swing

Swing it with ease, just like a 3 wood, but prepare for a massive increase in distance that will leave you astonished.

Conquer Greens

Conquer greens you never thought possible. Embrace the opportunity for more birdie putts, elevating your game to new heights.

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Morsh 2 Wood Fairway Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem, we can make the 2 wood fit your swing the same as your other clubs. Simply contact us on [email protected] and we will make it happen.
Our clubs come with a 30 day hassle-free money back guarantee, so you have enough time to get the real picture of its performance. You have the option to exchange it for a new one with a different shaft or return it for a 100% refund.
Sure you can! First, you should get used to the club from the tee and then you can play it like you would normally play a 3 wood. The club head size is only 183cc so you can of course hit if from the fairway.
We do not compete with them. We have a fresh idea and a fresh product, which offers something different than other clubs. Our goal is to show golfers that a 2 wood is nothing difficult or unusual. This is why we made this club affordable to every golfer who has the guts to try it.
It depends on your skills. Usually people hit about 10 shots and they get pretty comfortable with it. If you’d like to hit it like Tiger ? we would say about 1000 balls or swings until you’ll fully control it.